If your call center isn't a true extension of your business... you've got a big problem. 

Many of the most successful home inspectors in our industry today have repeatedly stated there is one decision they made that dramatically changed their business and life for the better. That decision was to engage the services of a call center.  

However, the top home inspection businesses in the country today also have shared over and over the real cost that came with the mistake of choosing to work with call centers that offered services at a questionably low price or even for “free” as part of a bundled services package. These inspection industry leaders noted that some call centers cut huge corners to save big dollars on your business's back.  

At ACC (America's Call Center), we set our bar high to benefit you. We’ve got two decades under our belt of listening, learning and working with inspectors to understand exactly what they need from a call center partner to help strategically grow their business while giving them more time back to spend doing the things they love and want to do.  

If you’re thinking about using a call center or are currently using one, make sure they are willing to act in your best interests. Not just their’s. Make sure you’ve got a strategic partner, not just an inexperienced body answering a phone. Choose a call center partner that simply does more…a lot MORE.  

Here’s a few tips on how to know if your call center partner measures up.  


ACC understands that upselling ancillary services can be one of the biggest and most impactful revenue generators for any home inspection business. Our highly-trained call center professionals know exactly when and how to offer them up during each inspection appointment call – ensuring they properly educate clients on their importance to bolster their overall satisfaction. We NEVER leave money on the table for inspectors! That’s what makes us the leader in overall revenue earned per-appointment call for home inspectors. Want to see immediate boosts in your bottom line? Put ACC on the call.


Comprehensive lead management means taking all the guesswork out of this crucial sales-generating activity for you. At ACC, we never let a lead go cold! Your ACC office team can reach out to leads gained from emails, phone calls, texts, web contact forms, online leads received via ISN, and other sources. The ACC team responds to every inquiry in a professional and timely manner and uses proven techniques we’ve gained from years of experience serving ONLY home inspectors. If a lead can be transformed into a booked inspection…you can guarantee your ACC team will make it happen.


It’s estimated that as much as 85% of callers who can’t reach a company on the first try will not call back. And 75% of those same callers will not leave a voicemail. So, for a home inspector, their phone HAS to be answered and preferably by a live, friendly body from the get go. Why live over an automated telephone information system or “phone tree?” The proliferation of technology has given us tools like phone trees and bots to handle phone calls, but research now tells us that if you add the personal touch of an actual human from the get go to assist in sales and marketing, customer engagement and the feeling of authenticity skyrockets. In short…when your customers speak to an actual human being, the odds increase dramatically you’ll get the business.  


Setting up a successful home inspection can be a time-consuming process that sometimes tests the patience of an inspector. At ACC, we don’t just take a call and schedule an appointment – we handle absolutely every aspect of setting up a home inspection appointment; so you can focus on delivering quality inspection services to your clients. Your ACC office team gathers detailed information on the client, the buyer’s agent, the listing agent, property specifications and access, utility considerations and client attendance to create a complete inspection order. We make all the follow up communications to the client or buyer’s agent to secure all pertinent inspection appointment information, as well as coordinate property access details with the listing agent or showing service. We’re fully integrated with Inspection Support Network (ISN) software, so order information will appear seamlessly in your ISN dashboard. We arrange the provision of services by third-party vendors working with your company, and handle the coordination of canceled/rescheduled appointments, as well. It’s a LOT and we’re glad to do it for you!


Market research can provide some an invaluable insights into a business owners competition and illuminate opportunities where once they may not have seemed so clear. ACC goes under cover for its home inspectors – obtaining key information about competitor's pricing, availability, services and more. Who better to shop your competition than people trained to speak their language day in and day out?! 


Are there agents you want to contact to say thanks, but just don't seem to have the time? A partner like ACC will take care of that for you. Maybe there are agents you haven't heard from in a while and you'd really like to make sure they keep you top-of-mind for that next inspection. ACC will make that call for you too! ACC will even let them know about new promotions or services you provide. Just specify who, what and when, and let your friendly ACC office staff take care of the rest!


For ISN-using inspectors, we’ve got you totally covered…and then some! Did someone miss your email? Don't worry, we can resend the events without missing a beat and remind them to check their spam! Agreements are important, but can get lost in spam or be ignored. Your ACC team can resend the agreement so you're clear to proceed. You sent an invoice, but was it missing a link? No worries. ACC will send that payment event again so you can collect that hard-earned money. When someone misses the inspection report email, it can escalate fast. Don't worry, we can resend that event with no drama. Does the client want to skip the link and pay on the phone? No sweat! ACC can access the same payment link and process it then and there. So many ISN tasks and we'll cover 'em all for you!  

Retaining the assistance of a call center is a smart business decision for any home inspector. Choosing the RIGHT partner is what will make all the difference!

Choosing the right call center for your inspection business

Inspectors Just Like You Who Chose ACC

Choosing to engage the services of an integrated customer service and call handling solutions business like ACC can be life-changing for an inspector. But hey, don't take our word for it. Here are just a few of the inspectors who chose to ACCelerate their growth with the help of ACC.

SHEEHAN THOMSON OnSite Home Inspections

"After only three months using ACC, my average fee went up nearly 30%! That more than pays for their services and I’m not ever having to answer the phone. I wish I would have signed up sooner!"

 B.J. JOHNSON Inside and Out Property Inspections

"ACC has absolutely made my life easier by all the things they do. We did 42% more inspections last year than the year before. We’re growing… and ACC continues to play a significant role in that growth."

BOB MCDONOUGH National Property Inspections

"ACC saves me a tremendous amount of time and money. In fact, they actually make me money because they have raised my average inspection fee more than $40 per inspection since the first month I started using them. I could not and would not operate without ACC!"

JERRY ENDRES WIN Home Inspection

 "ACC has been an invaluable asset to my business. The first year they increased my inspection numbers by 38% and my total gross revenue by 20%. If you are on the fence about a call center, get off and give ACC a try!" 

BILL DARE Spotlight Home Inspection

"I have been with ACC for about five years now. The explosive growth since partnering with ACC can largely be attributed to having them answer the phone. Now we’re doing as many as 10-12 home and stucco inspections a day! Sign up, and watch the growth happen."

 BERT WELSH WIN Home Inspection

"I have been using ACC for three years now. I have more time with my family than before and my income has increased by 25%. My revenue per inspection has increased by 30%. These folks know what they are doing."

MICHAEL MARZION Wisconsin Property Inspections

"I am very happy using ACC. I’ve told many inspectors how using ACC has dramatically improved my business – freeing me up to inspect, without my phone ringing all day, all while my calendar fills up. Thank you ACC!"

DAVID FAIRBAIRN Fairbairn Inspection Services

 "Deciding to use America’s Call Center is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made! They save me time, close more bookings and my phone gets answered on the first ring with a friendly voice! Very pleased and would recommend to any home inspector."


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