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Make this season the one where you book more inspections and generate more revenue, all while gaining more time back to spend growing your business and doing the things you love. Sound impossible? Think again.

6 Signs That It's Probably Time to Make the Leap for Your Inspection Business. 

As a home inspector, you'll reach several milestones throughout your career. One of those milestones is when to engage the help of an integrated customer service and call handling solutions business. For some of the most successful inspection businesses in our industry today, making that decision was the first step toward truly accelerating their business growth.

As much as you would like to, you can't do it all by yourself. If you're on the fence about taking the step towards hiring an integrated customer service and call handling solutions company, you're not alone. However, here are the top four reasons why other inspectors made the leap. If any of these sound like you ... then you're ready.


It’s estimated that as much as 85% of callers who can’t reach a company on the first try will not call back. And 75% of those same callers will not leave a voicemail. So, for home inspectors, it’s safe to assume that if you are out on an inspection with a client and Realtor® and the phone rings, if you don’t answer it, that person will most likely hang up and the business will be lost. On the flip side, if you do answer the call, you run the risk of upsetting your client and the Realtor® because you are being paid to complete their inspection and not answer the phone.


An inspector’s ancillary services provide extra value to clients and put more money in an inspector’s pocket. However, when an inspector is extremely busy doing inspections, there is little extra time to answer their phone and even less to properly market beneficial add-on services to a client. Then there’s the scheduling of those ancillary services – either the inspector’s services or a third-party vendor working with their company – that takes additional time and coordination.


Prior to making the leap to adding an outside partner like an inspection call center, many home inspectors admitted to feeling that they had to do everything themselves or it just didn’t get done right. Others felt like they had reached a point where they were simply working too hard and making too little – that the business just wasn’t fun anymore, they felt trapped and began doubting their future in the industry. Growth, success and happiness for an inspection business owner cannot be realized if he is spending too much time working “in” the business and not enough time working “on” the business. Accepting that reality and making course corrections will make all the difference in the long term.


It’s an all-too-common story for home inspectors. They all know they need to be prospecting for new business throughout the year and not just during the slower months. Yet, when the busy season arrives, they don’t have enough time to do any marketing. They are too busy answering calls, scheduling appointments, upselling services, managing leads, and just keeping their heads above water.


Many inspectors hit a very familiar plateau in their business where they work hard and strategically to generate business during the traditionally slower months of the year and then dedicate all their time to performing inspections during the busy season. The result is a maxing out of revenue for the inspector because the schedule is always full of either activities that focus on generating growth and awareness for the business or actual time dedicated to performing home inspections.


The busy season for home inspectors can be intense. It can also be deeply stressful for an inspector and his family. When the phone volume goes through the roof and you're trying to keep up with managing every aspect of every inspection, the idea of downtime or a vacation feels like an impossible luxury. That’s simply not healthy. Disconnecting and getting away from your business for a while IS healthy. It helps clear your head, improves sleep, and prevents burn out.

If any of these sound like your situation, then you're not alone. Contact us today about how you can book more inspections and generate more revenue while gaining more time back to spend growing your business and doing the things you love.

Inspectors Just Like You Who Made the Leap

Making the leap to use the services of an integrated customer service and call handling solutions business like ACC can be life changing for an inspector. But don't take our word for it. Here's just a few of the inspectors who chose to ACCelerate their growth. 

SHEEHAN THOMSON OnSite Home Inspections

"After only three months using ACC, my average fee went up nearly 30%! That more than pays for their services and I’m not ever having to answer the phone. I wish I would have signed up sooner!"

 B.J. JOHNSON Inside and Out Property Inspections

"ACC has absolutely made my life easier by all the things they do. We did 42% more inspections last year than the year before. We’re growing… and ACC continues to play a significant role in that growth."

BOB MCDONOUGH National Property Inspections

"ACC saves me a tremendous amount of time and money. In fact, they actually make me money because they have raised my average inspection fee more than $40 per inspection since the first month I started using them. I could not and would not operate without ACC!"

JERRY ENDRES WIN Home Inspection

 "ACC has been an invaluable asset to my business. The first year they increased my inspection numbers by 38% and my total gross revenue by 20%. If you are on the fence about a call center, get off and give ACC a try!" 

BILL DARE Spotlight Home Inspection

"I have been with ACC for about five years now. The explosive growth since partnering with ACC can largely be attributed to having them answer the phone. Now we’re doing as many as 10-12 home and stucco inspections a day! Sign up, and watch the growth happen."

 BERT WELSH WIN Home Inspection

"I have been using ACC for three years now. I have more time with my family than before and my income has increased by 25%. My revenue per inspection has increased by 30%. These folks know what they are doing."

MICHAEL MARZION Wisconsin Property Inspections

"I am very happy using ACC. I’ve told many inspectors how using ACC has dramatically improved my business – freeing me up to inspect, without my phone ringing all day, all while my calendar fills up. Thank you ACC!"

DAVID FAIRBAIRN Fairbairn Inspection Services

 "Deciding to use America’s Call Center is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made! They save me time, close more bookings and my phone gets answered on the first ring with a friendly voice! Very pleased and would recommend to any home inspector."

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