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The hard truth about managing leads

These days, a potential customer looking to hire or inquire about the services of a home inspector has many contact options available to them. Phone, email, text, business and referral websites, social media, etc. And more customers all the time expect to have these multiple contact sources available to them. For inspectors, this is great for capturing more leads, but it is also increasingly challenging to effectively manage these lead sources - because customers become less and less patient when it comes to a response time from an inspector.

If you’ve ever missed a new business call while on an inspection, didn’t text a new lead back until the following day, or even forgot about a new lead for a while who contacted you through your website or some other online method…you’re not alone. Nearly all the inspectors we’ve surveyed over the year’s admitted to experiencing these challenges and all admitted they had lost business because of it.  

The high cost of waiting

It’s been estimated that as much as 85% of callers who can’t reach a company on the first try will not call back. And 75% of those same callers will not leave a voicemail. It’s also been proven that companies who contacted leads within an hour were seven times more likely to qualify a lead than the companies who decided to contact a lead just an hour later and sixty times more than the companies who waited 24 hours or longer.  

The bottom line is... If you don't respond immediately or soon after to a lead that comes in, the odds of you converting that lead decrease dramatically. And losing even one or two inspections each month starts to really add up!

With ACC, you'll never miss a lead again

Team Effort

Imagine a group of highly trained individuals serving as your own personal customer service team. They know your business and they know the home inspection industry – and every time a new business lead comes in from any lead source, your team is there to respond. From answering your phones, responding to emails and texts, booking inspections and arranging them with full order processing, upselling your ancillary services, handling post-inspection calls/emails/texts, and so much more. Put your ACC team to work and watch your business grow.

Convert More

One of the primary reasons most inspectors see an increase of 15% - 30% in revenue after starting services with ACC is because our customer service agents are exceptional at converting business leads. ACC customer service agents go through a rigorous training process to become a fully certified ACC customer service expert. This means they know exactly how to take an interested customer from curious to close. This includes artfully upselling your ancillary services in a way that always feels informative and helpful – never pushy or unpleasant. 

Cost Effective

Time is money. And your time as a home inspector is undoubtedly worth a heck of a lot more than $2 - $5 an hour – which is what the average ACC customer pays for our full range of services. ACC is also about 50% - 60% more cost effective than hiring an employee and we don’t come with the usual hassles or headaches often associated with hiring employees. We also do WAY more than your standard inspection industry call center that often simply answers your phone and takes a message - leaving you to deal with the details later. Spend your time engaged in activities for your inspection business that truly produce the greatest return. We’ll handle the rest.

What do customers say?

David Fairbairn Owner, Fairbairn Inspection Services 

"Deciding to use America’s Call Center is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made! They save me time, close more bookings and my phone gets answered on the first ring with a friendly voice! Very pleased and would recommend to any home inspector."

David Brehm Owner, Brickkicker of Central OR 

“The professionalism and attention to detail from my ACC team has taken our business to another level. My team’s flexibility and charm over the phone has improved my sales ten-fold! Going with ACC was the best decision I made when starting my inspection business.”

Jon Strout Owner, WIN Raleigh 

"I’ve worked with ACC for a couple years now. They learned how I like to work and adapted to my style. Before ACC, I sometimes forgot or didn’t have time to sell my ancillary services. With ACC in my corner, I’ve seen an increase in my ancillary services and they never leave money on the table. Thank you ACC!"

Jim Oezer Owner, National Property Inspections

"I really feel like ACC has my back. Not only do they answer all my calls, but they handle all the details of setting up any home inspection appointment. They have given me more time back to focus on marketing and other business-building activities all while increasing my bottom line. I highly recommend using their services."

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