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It's not business as usual. It's business critical.

ACC is the leading provider of professional services exclusively for home inspectors. However, if your phone isn’t ringing right now, we’re not going to try and convince you that it is and offer services you don’t need. What we will do is absolutely everything possible to make sure you maintain stable footing through this crisis and come out on the other side in the best position to take advantage of the market rebound. After more than two decades of being in business, we've managed through serious challenges for our customers like this before. We adapted, we focused our efforts, we collaborated and designed a way forward. We're doing it again, but we're also doing things that are truly nontraditional. If our customers have an idea of how we can better help their business or if there is something they need that isn't on our usual service list, we're there for them. This is what strong partnership is all about and we're discussing all reasonable options. Because it’s important that we ALL get through this together.

Now more than ever, we're stronger together. Here are just a few of the home inspectors who are working together with ACC during this difficult time.

A-Action Realty Inspection Services

Brian & Brenda Murphy
A-Action Realty Inspection Services

"In the last 25 years, The A-Action Team has worked through small and large recessions, 9/11, multiple hurricanes and other local disasters. However, we are in new uncharted territory. We have been working closely with other professional home inspectors in our area, sharing ideas on how to keep the phone ringing – what is working and what is not. As business owners, we need to stay focused on our business and letting ACC focus on getting every inspection booked when the phone rings.

Hold steady to your course, stay strong to your convictions, learn from the challenges of today, and stay true to strategic partners, like ACC. ACC has helped us grow and has helped us get to where we are today. Together, with our strategic partners, we can all navigate these uncharted territories and emerge as winners."

Elevated Home Inspections

David Basil
Elevated Home Inspections

"Unprecedented times call for adaptive measures; this is especially true in the home inspection industry. As a small business owner, I've had to re-evaluate and adapt our procedures and the way we conduct business to meet, as well as exceed, our customer's expectations. As a whole, spending has been reduced, and unnecessary expenditures have come to a halt.

One expense that we have decided not to do away with is our partnership with America's Call Center. Their efforts to remain in constant communication have been stellar, and their professionalism through this difficult period has been unwavering. The success of our companies is interlinked, and we at Elevated Home Inspections consider our partnership with ACC, to be essential. Together, we will get through this and, in the end, be better for it."

HomePro Inspections

Doug Myers
HomePro Inspections

"My company has been with ACC for two decades. In that time, we’ve faced many challenges together. Yet, with the help and support from ACC, we’ve always come through it…stronger and better than ever.

Now, the COVID-19 crisis has struck our country and business owners are again faced with fear and uncertainty about their future. But now is the time to strengthen relationships in our home inspection community – including those with organizations that have helped to build our business in the past. We should be helping one another, sharing best business practices during this difficult time, and working together to get through this difficult crisis. I know ACC has always had my back and helped us get through each crisis in the past – coming out stronger and better than before. I know this time will be no different."

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Adding Value to Inspectors Just Like You

Through the ups and downs, we're always there for our customers. We take partnership very seriously. And we like to think it shows in the tailored services we provide to our customers and the feedback they continue to share with us. Whether your business is slowing down, inspections have dropped considerably, or things have come to a screeching halt, you've got options. Let ACC be the option to help you stabalize your business now, while preparing you for tomorrow. Together, we'll succeed.

"Using ACC has been a true game changer for my business. I have saved about 10 hours a week by not having to answer phone calls and have been able to gain back some of my life. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, give them a try and you'll never go back!”

Robert Vierra: Owner, WIN Monterey

"ACC saves me a tremendous amount of time and money. In fact, they actually make me money because they have raised my average inspection fee more than $40 per inspection since the first month I started using them. I could not and would not operate without ACC!"

Bob McDonough: Owner, National Property Inspections

"Our ACC team continues to impress us every day. This year we have increased our average inspection fee, doubled our gross income and are continuously increasing our numbers in all positive aspects of operating a successful inspection company. I love being able to trust my ACC office team while I simply focus on supporting my inspectors in the field. ACC's level of commitment is a true blessing to us!"

Mike McFadden: Owner, Hero Inspection Services

"I switched to ACC a few months ago after starting out using one of their 'competitors.' ACC is completely different in all the good ways. The price comes out to be about the same or even cheaper. The best part, is my customer phone calls are actually answered (compared to my experience with their competitor), inspection fees are accurately quoted and scheduled (compared to skipped fees from using the 'other' company – which resulted in costing me $500 a month in lost revenue), and I've actually received positive feedback from agents and customers on how professional and knowledgeable my 'office staff' are. I'm VERY happy with this partnership!

Doug Johnson: Owner & Lead Inspector, Inspect Mobile, LLC

"I tried this business without ACC for a while. I quickly found that too much of my time was consumed by miscellaneous calls, etc. By adding ACC to our arsenal, we have greatly multiplied our ability to service our clients and agents while restoring the time that should be spent with family. This service is an absolute force multiplier! If you're serious about your business, your family, and your free time...then this is the most influential service you can add."

Grant Blackwell: President/Lead Inspector, Candid Home Inspections

"ACC has been a wonderful partner and we are extremely pleased with their service. ACC allows us to perform inspections, market the business and network at functions without the fear of ever missing a call. We are serious about our business and ACC has been instrumental in our growth and increase in revenue.”

Owner, WIN Aledo

Mark Slocum: Owner/Operator, WIN Aledo

Get the support you need, when you need it most. Let's move forward together.

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