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On My Mind: Answer the Phone  –  by ASHI President, Tim Buell
26 Mar

On My Mind: Answer the Phone – by ASHI President, Tim Buell

To answer or not to answer your phone? This has always been one of the million-dollar questions in our industry. Here’s some context to help you make the right decision for you and your business.

Did you know it’s been estimated that as much as 85% of callers who can’t reach a company on the first try will not call back? And 75% of those same callers will not leave a voicemail. So, for home inspectors, it’s safe to assume that if you are out on an inspection with a client and Realtor® and the phone rings, if you don’t answer it, that person will most likely hang up and the business will be lost. On the flip side, if you do answer the call, you run the risk of upsetting your client and the Realtor® because you are being paid to complete their inspection and not answer the phone. Given that challenge, what exactly is a successful, in-demand inspector to do?

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