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Services That Extend Well Beyond the Real Estate Agent's and Client's First Call...

Absolutely the first call from the real estate agent and client should be handled very well by your office that is not only friendly and personable, but also knowledgeable on your home inspections, your services, your life as an inspector, and you.  And we've got that covered for you.

But it is also what happens after that first call.  The many follow up calls, emails, and online research to secure information the caller didn't have on the original call.  And we've got that covered for you, too.

Because we serve inspectors only...
Because we deeply understand home inspections, related add-on services, and the daily life of a home inspector...
Because we get to know YOU and your company in detail, our services to you as your office are very unique:


Answer all of your calls – All calls answered “Live”, 11 hours/day, 60 hours per week.

Promote you to your callers to capture the inspection.

Handle all email and web leads, with extra follow up to capture the inspection.

Email price quotes to prospective clients, with extra follow up to capture the inspection.

Schedule your inspections to your specifications.  Plus, real-time email your schedule and appointments to you and post to our My ACC.

Always call you with client and agent requests for special scheduling, pricing, or services.

Secure extensive property, client, and agent information for every inspection appointment.

Make follow up calls to client and agent to secure information not available on the original call.

Arrange access with client or buyer's agent or showing service.

Confirm access with selling agent or office.

Send confirmation emails to client and agent.

Arrange applicable 3rd party services (termite inspection, radon testing, etc.)

Secure payment information for non-attending clients.

Handle all your message calls, email/text you real-time.

Handle urgent messages per your instructions.

Call client and agent to thank them for inspections and referrals.

Do competitive research of local competitors for you.


“Me and my wife feel like we have our lives back!!  I’m 100% sold on your service, and you guys are the pro’s I wanted answering my phones” – Mike Rawlings, Emery Home Inspections

“I just wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing.  Before I met you at the Pro ASHI Conference, I was having a terrible time selling myself and getting add-on’s.  I rarely booked inspections over $400.  Now you are routinely getting me $500-$600 per inspection.  You really are doing a great job.” – D.T., Ohio

“No bull crap, you guys are the best!!!” –Tom Brennan, Phoeniz AZ

Put us to work for you as your office and start enjoying the benefits we can provide you right away!

Give us a call at 888-462-6153 or Contact Us --- we'd love to hear from you and it will be our pleasure to serve you!





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