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At America's Call Center – Inspector Office Solutions, we work our hardest to provide the best service possible in helping our inspectors get more inspections, get more per inspection, ensure their professional image, make their lives easier, and give them the competitive edge.

Here’s what a few of our inspectors had to say in a recent interview about why they decided to use us as their office and how we have done for them:


And here’s what a few of our inspectors had to say in a recent customer survey:

D.S., Arizona:

  • “There is no question in my mind that you guys are the best.”
  • “We are very pleased with your service.”


C.T., California:

  • “My office team takes good care of me. I give them an A+ at all levels.”


S.K., Ohio:

  • “On a scale of 1-10, my satisfaction with your service is an 11!”


G.C., New York:

  • “Making America’s Call Center my front office has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.”


H.I., Pennsylvania:

  • “Callers automatically assume that you are my office staff, not a remote call center. They mention the staff by name to me and say how impressed they were.”


M.P., Missouri:

  • “I get compliments all the time. Your first class service makes me look like an organized professional.”


J.F., Utah:

  • “My add-on services are increasing!”


D.M., New York:

  • “Freedom from employees and the expenses.”
  • “I am very pleased with your service.”


D.M. Illinois:

  • “You actually have a better scheduling ratio than I did. I am very happy with your service and would recommend it to anyone in this business.”


D.S., Pennsylvania:

  • “Your professionalism and attention to detail are outstanding, and I get more pertinent info delivered in a timely and efficient manner than I ever did with in-house assistants.”


J.O., Connecticut:

  • “I believe I’m getting considerable more work with you answering the phone.”
  • “The additional inspections you schedule more than offset your fees.”


F.H., New Hampshire:

  • “You are the foundation stone of my business!”




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